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Trunking Recorder Version History


-Added Patch call support for Unitrunker v2 (will display all talkgroups that are patched for each recorded call).
-Added ability to not display blank metadata when using a custom metadata format.
-Added number of calls in stream queue option to custom metadata.
-Removed search limit from Talkgroup, Radio, and System selection boxes on website.
-Added option to skip recording duplicate calls when monitoring multiple sites.
-Optimized and reduced website search time.
-Fixed Trunking Recorder not responding on startup when updating database.
-Added built-in MP3 recording (no longer need to download LAME).
-Fixed Flash of Unstyled Content (FOUC) on website page load.
-Fixed Search option displayed status not getting saved.
-Added export audio option, will allow current search results to be combined and exported into one new mp3 or wav file.
-Added data export options (PDF, Excel, and CSV).
-Added call download link icon for each row.
-Fixed issue with long path filenames caused by long talkgroup targetlabel or sourcelabel values.
-Removed data flash export option.
-Fixed exception being generated when blank XML data was being sent.
-Increased the max number of calls on a page to 500, default is still 100.
-Fixed bug causing conversation mode recordings to skip parts when played back in web interface.
-Fixed bug where previous call got replayed when new calls were loaded.
-Fixed bug where calls in progress of recording would end up logged as 0 length if stop recording button pressed.


-Added support for Unitrunker v2 UDP Remote API
-Changed favorite groups max width from 10 to 50 characters
-Added database optimization process, currently runs once a week Sunday morning
-Changed website order to use CallID instead of Start Time since it could miss calls when playing back
-Increased performance when building main HTML page
-Removed Flash buttons from webpage
-Added option to password protect website
-Added auto retry if MetaData file is still locked by Unitrunker
-Fixed handling of Individual calls so they don't get treated as group calls
-Added Clear Streaming queue option to File menu
-Fixed i-calls issues when searching by favorite group or talkgroup
-Added search option toggle
-Replaced checkboxes with toggle buttons
-Added System search option
-Added caching to speedup page loading
-Fixed issue when systemid or siteid were blank
-Fixed issue where backslashes couldn't be used in custom filename for folders
-If EDACS Fleet format is selected list of Talkgroups now uses that format on webpage
-Added queue count priority skip feature when streaming
-Updated various libraries to improve performance


-Fixed web automatic playback issue when using Conversation Format.
-Fixed issue when SystemID is 0
-Added SSL server support, must provide your own certificate in PKCS12 (PFX) format.


-Reduced CPU usage during call recording.
-Custom MetaData support for Window titlebar.
-Call streaming support, allows recorded calls from multiple voice receivers to be played back to sound card for use with streaming programs (Edcast, Radiofeed, etc...).


-Support recording from multiple voice receivers at same time.
- Create custom Favorite Groups that automatically search a predefined list of talkgroups.
- Ability to bookmark Favorite groups, Talkgroup, and Radio user searches.
-Option to enable automatic playback of newly recorded calls.
-Updated Remote.dll to support multiple voice receivers and output GroupCall, SiteID, System type, and VCO number.
- Added smartsort option to group like calls together on a page instead of just by time.
- Webpage selection options are now saved using cookies
- Multiple talkgroup can be search for at same time.
- Currently playing talkgroup information displayed on browser/tab title.
- Decimal, Hexadecimal, and Fleet display formats on web server.
- Automatic detection of Unitrunker working directory.
- Search by radio user.
- Added detection to see if Unitrunker is started.
-Added check to make sure Unitrunker data folder exists, fixed crash if path contained double quote.
-Added systemlabel, SystemType, voice, and call type to custom metadata.
-Changed Remote.dll install to re-prompt if user clicks OK and didn't close Unitrunker.
-Fixed issue with frequency rounding.
-Fixed issue causing Recording Purge to fail if using default Audio directory.


  - Option to automatic purge old calls. (This feature is disabled by default)
  - Greatly improved the performance of the built-in website when dealing with large number of calls.
  - Better mobile device support.
  - Bug fixes (Thanks Will and Dylan for the reports). Fixed an issue with Internet Explorer and certain characters that prevented the recordings from playing. Fixed a startup crash when the web server was turned off.


-Fixed issue with large System ID values, now treated as Unsigned 64-bit integer.
-Added handling for unknown service type.


-Fixed issue with UNC paths with SQLite.
-Added time and date to duplicate custom filenames to ensure they are unique


-Added a built-in web server that allows you to listen to and see all recorded calls using your web browser.
- Ability to filter the calls by specific talkgroups or dates.
-Recorded calls logged to a SQLite database
-Updated the Unilogger "Remote.dll" to output some extra fields. The log file will now also include LCN, voice service type (Analog, Provide, P25, etc...), System ID, and System Label.


-Added Custom Audio Filename support.
-Added UniLogger Remote.dll install and code.
-Added better error handling.


-Added SubTitle and multiple recording formats.


-Initial release.

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